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Aura Art Glass Thursday July 23, 2009
Love your work, Sabrina. Will keep an eye on you!
From: leicester, England
Rebecca York Thursday July 23, 2009
Love your stuff, Sabrina! I met you 2008 U Dist. Street Fair. will you be there this year? I will in abt the same spot as last. I do the mosaic'd windows. hope to see you again....www.RimrockCreations.com
From: inland northwest
Lara Humphreys Thursday July 23, 2009
I can't tell you how fabluous your beads are! I just love them and can't choose which ones! I want.
From: Southsea, UK
Laleh Sunday September 28, 2008
I may never recover!!! Just beyond fab--everything you make is gorgeous. What talent :-
From: Farmington CT
Jen Sunday April 6, 2008
Looking forward to meeting you...I love your designs!!
From: Whidbey Island
Joanne Lavalley Sunday April 6, 2008
You have such a flair for colour, design and interest. It is all very motivating. Hope to see your product in person someday!
From: Qualicum Beach, BC Vancouver Island
andrew watherston Sunday January 6, 2008
Awesome florals Sabrina and loved your jewelry.
From: Adelaide Australia
Angela Fischlein Friday December 28, 2007

just drifted through your home page, very nice beads you got there - I especialy like your flower bud beads!!

Greetings from Europe
From: Germany
Karen K. Friday December 7, 2007
I just love your site and gorgeous jewelry, you are awfully talented! I'll be back!
From: Mill Valley, CA
shari dawn Monday November 26, 2007
You did it! Your art is beautiful. I'm very proud of you.
I love you sis.
Your big sis,
Shari Dawn
From: nc
Stacy Jackson Monday November 26, 2007
Bree! Your beads are absolutely beautiful. I wish we lived closer to Seattle so I could visit your shows!
Keep up the fabulous work!
From: Missoula, Montana
Denise Anderson Monday November 26, 2007
Hello!! I wanted to tell you that I LOVE your website. I just hired Ginny to do a custom one for me....I cant wait! Oh, I saw your sis is from Port Townsand. Small world my cousin grew up there, and I used to live on Whidbey Island!! I use lots of Lampwork in my jewelry...so Ill be back!
From: Foley, AL
Lori Woodfield Monday November 26, 2007
I saw your jewelry at the Gift Show recently.. Your jewelry was my favorite at this event! Great Job! Do you still have any of the Snowmen Earrings? I have to say.."I like it All"
From: Shoreline
Ryan Kanzler Friday October 12, 2007
hey sis I love the beads and I showed my friend. She loves them and is in awe of your art. well I love ya and keep up the good art.
From: Port Townsend
Connie Fogg-Bouchard Friday October 12, 2007
Hi Bree lady!! I LOVE it in here! Can I just stay in here and shop forever? I'll just buy one of EVERYTHING! WOWSA!! I love the sugar skulls of course =D and the princess set is TDF! And your florals- WWWOWWWWW! I guess I'll have to save my pennies- ... say you don't need any peyote beads barrels, do you! Wheeeee! HUGS! Connie
From: Lost in New England LOL!
pam ferrari Thursday October 11, 2007
just love your beads Unique and fabulous and your web site is hot
From: calif

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